A downloadable game for Windows

When we set our relationship status to "it's complicated" do we mean that we feel as if we are in an aimless free fall? Well, that's what it means in Ephemeral - a game inspired by a rocky and complicated relationship.

Ephemeral first came to be earlier this year as members of the indie game dev studio 5¼ Games worked together at the 2015 edition of the Global Game Jam. Brainstorming the theme of the jam ("What do we do now?") led the group to develop a complex narrative around two epicene entities with opposing personalities. Ephemeral, an abstract game about relationships, was awarded the title of 'Most Unusual Game' by the judges, and also placed 3rd in the popular vote.

Today, Ephemeral is available completely for free, with no in game purchases (we kid you not!). Aiming to portray our lives as a video game to which no manual exists, 5¼ Games wants you to stumble blindly through the characters' lives, learning the game mechanics as you go along.


Ephemeral_1_0_Installer_Win32.exe 17 MB